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    "From the farm to the fork" is a phrase our good friend Rachel Chieppa uses to describe our activities. Telling the "farm life" story is both satisfying and educational. Every year, hundreds of children, with their parents and teachers, visit to pick crops from the farm and then learn how they are used in everyday products. The kids have an opportunity to meet and interact with our farm animals, traipse through the corn maze, play hide and seek in hayland, pick cotton, choose a pumpkins from the patch, and enjoy a day on the farm.

Corn is Friskies Kids feeding kids.  The kids meet Scarlet.

Friskies are made from Corn

Kids feeding kids

The kids meet Scarlet

     The children start visiting in September and continue through November. Darden's isn't just for kids.... families, friends and foodies make the trek for the scenery, the ham, the chocolate covered peanuts, the pumpkins, the gourds. For the past several years, the haunted corn maze at the Darden's has been a fixture on the Halloween circuit.

Corn is Friskies Pumpkins and Mums  The kids meet Scarlet.

All pumpkins aren't orange!

Pumpkins n Mums

Mother Nature paints her own gourds.

     If you are interested in scheduling a school field trip, please call the store (757) 357-6791 to reserve your date and get more information about activities.
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church groups and youth groups are welcome.

Hay Castles Cameraman Fun in the Corn Box

Hay Castles

Hailey & Lilly

Corn Box is way better than Sand!


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